An announcement from

Dear Friends,

The platform was launched in 2014 to support the publication of The Social Labs Revolution.

In 2016 we launched Roller Strategies to work on more effective strategic responses to complex social challenges.

After 18 months of being in the fray and delivering labs we are making some changes. 

In the short term this means that this platform will continue as the Social Labs Blog. Over time, our intention is to evolve the blog into a full-fledged, peer reviewed, open source journal. Our belief is that as the field matures we want to be supporting a standard for learning. We hope to make this platform one of those standards. 

We will no longer be facilitating a community of practice around social labs. We want to be part of the community of practice but no longer facilitating it. 

This also means we will be parting ways with our community champion, Sam Rye, who will be moving on to explore his own practice in Victoria, Australia where he is based. If you would like to contact him, you can reach him on Twitter or Linkedin.
In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will continue to share our work and stories on the blog. 

Your sincerely,

Angela, Cari, Leo, Sarah, Sam, Nathan, & Zaid 

PS. you can go to the Roller Strategies website for more information.