Who makes up the social labs community?

The social labs community brings together a broad spectrum of labs practitioners, funders, consultants and grassroots change agents from around the world.


If you think you should be on this map, please do get in touch. It is a constant work in progress, and we know it’s missing many people who attended our early workshops, but we’re working to add people every week.

These practitioners hail from a wide range of fields including design thinking, process consultation, system’s thinking, social innovation, community development, ethnography, urban planning, public sector innovation and reform, evaluation, education and the arts. Practitioners come from all sectors: government, civil society and private.

This fast-growing community is focused on the spaces, theory, tools and practices that underpin social labs.

How do I join the social labs community?

Whether you an existing labs practitioner or looking to launch a new lab there are many ways to get involved.


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The easiest way to join the community if you’re new to this space, is through our Facebook Group: Labs for Social Change

In Person

Find out more about our in person workshops and courses: Check out the courses page now

How do I share my thoughts about this platform?

We always want to hear your ideas, hopes, dreams and constructive criticism, so as well as the Contact Us tab you will see at the bottom of the page, you can also send us your thoughts any time via our Community feedback survey.

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Governance Futures Lab

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Paris Region Lab

Future of Fish

The Sustainable Constructing Living Lab

Northwestern University Knight Lab

The MIT Media Lab

CDKN Action Lab

Peace Innovation Lab


Social Innovation Lab Kent

The South Sudan Innovation Lab


Collaborative Lab

Social Lab


Minnesota’s Social Innovation Lab’s

La 27e Région


Armenia’s Kolba Labs

Institute without Boundaries



Health Innovation Lab

The Nile Project


The Children’s Wellness Experience Lab

Change Lab

Babson Social Innovation Lab

Nordstrom Innovation Lab




Betterplace Lab

BMWGuggenheim Lab

Frugal Innovation Lab

Open Contracting

Uble Initiative

Godrej India Culture Lab



Broken City Lab

Strategic Innovation Lab

Business Innovation Factory

ZAYA learning labs

The Bhavishya Alliance 

Annenburg Innovation Lab

ÜberLab 2014


Harvard Innovation Lab

Governance Futures Lab 

Social Development & Learning Lab



Roller Strategies


London Creative Labs

SiG Canada