The Social Labs Fieldbook
A Practical Guide to Solving Our Most Complex Challenges

by Mia Eisenstadt, Zaid Hassan & Contributors

What is in the book?

This is a practical and interactive ebook that will guide you in creating and sustaining an effective social lab with passion, precision and purpose. It is packed with insights and experience from leading practitioners in the field. Inside you will find exercises, check­lists, examples and tips.

These prompts will help you navigate the many layers or “stacks” of a social lab:

  1. Innovation or problem solving: In the labs we have run, the basis for this layer has been the U Process.
  2. Information and learning: This involves research, baseline surveys, documenting the process of the lab, and disseminating results.
  3. Capacity building: This involves building the capacity of the lab team or the secretariat to work together effectively.
  4. Governance: This may consist of a formal legal structure, or it may involve a steering committee or leadership group of some sort.

Who is this book for?

Anyone interested in creating lasting, systemic, solutions to the challenges they face ­from government departments, civil society and community based groups, to social enterprises, corporations and, of­course, independent change agents.

When will it be available?

Watch this space!

In the meantime you can download the first section of the Fieldbook for free; This includes the introduction and the core concepts which will be covered in the book. Click here to download.

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