Red, Orange and Yellow

Refreshing The Revolution

Back in October 2013, we quietly launched as a place to share some thoughts and ideas about the Social Labs Revolution, chart Zaid Hassan’s book tour around the world, and run some workshops as we went. We wanted to help people around the world to see what it meant to shift from Strategic Planning to address complex challenges, to a prototyping culture.


Over 3 years later, and we’re still here.


We’ve since grown to reach 1000’s of people online, through their inboxes, and in face-to-face courses around the world. The Social Labs Revolution became a best-seller in Amazon’s Social Policy category. Zaid Hassan decided to launch a new team to focus exclusively on Social Labs, called Roller Strategies. A community of practice has quietly emerged around the world.


So much has changed for, and we think it’s time for a refresh of the Social Labs identity and website.


Introducing our new identity

The New Social Labs logo
The new Social Labs logo


As of today, we’ll be adopting our new logo across all our channels. More about the website soon.


The major change we want to share with you, is the adoption of a new ‘mark’ in the logo, which signifies our ongoing commitment to making the community of practice for people working in and around social labs around the world.


The mark itself represents the strengthening of global social labs practice, by supporting this community to emerge, connect and share your wisdom. Some people say they see ‘a room of people prototyping together’, others see ‘a system being knitted together’. We’d love to hear what you see – tag us on #sociallabs on social.


Upcoming Changes

We’re working hard behind the scenes on the launch of our refreshed website – hence you wont see the changes here yet.


We’re aiming to make it much easier to browse, engage with, and find what you need when you need it. If you have any feedback that you’d like us to take into account, please do drop us a note through our Contact page.


As well as refreshing our website, you’ll also notice some changes around our Newsletter if you’re signed up. We’re bringing a little more colour into your inboxes, and will aim to continue to publish this monthly for the foreseeable future.


We’re also working to launch some new course dates for 2017 – keep an eye out on your inboxes and on the website over the coming weeks!


In Service,

The Social Labs Team