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Social Labs at Sydney Meetup in February

We’re delighted to say we’ve been asked to speak at an exciting meetup in Sydney, Australia in February 2017.

Social Design Sydney is hosting a gathering on Tuesday February 7th, focused on ‘Designing With Community – A Conversation About Social Labs’.

Our Community Champion, Sam Rye, will be heading to Sydney to join David Lilley (United Way Australia) and Amanda Third (Institute for Culture and Society at University of Western Sydney, and Co-founder of the Australian Living Labs Innovation Network) to share some of the learnings from building a community of practice for social labs.


We’re excited to be at the meetup to find out who has been thinking about and working on social labs in Australia, as well as delve a little deeper into the overlaps in social / codesign practice, living labs, and social labs. We hope you can join us to help expand the conversation beyond the learning of the guest speakers, and out into the fields of your own experience, challenges and queries.

The meetup will be hosted at the University of Technology Sydney’s Design Innovation Research Centre, which is a fitting venue for such an occasion. They’re doing some interesting work to help build the capacity to work on complex challenges, with a focus on Creative Intelligence. Find out more about the centre here.

At the time of writing there are still tickets available, so if you’re interested in joining us check out the meetup and get your ticket here.