Zaid Hassan is a gifted and highly-regarded speaker. He is a Zaid Hassanstrategist, entrepreneur, facilitator and writer who has given keynote speeches at conferences and delivered workshops across the world.

Zaid is the author of the bestselling book The Social Labs Revolution: A New Approach To Solving Our Most Complex Challenges. He speaks passionately on the topics of complexity, strategy, large-scale systems redesign, planning, systems thinking, and how to address the most challenging issues of our time.

Zaid speaks from a decade and a half of intensive and continuing practice. He has worked on a wide range of issues, from global food systems, child malnutrition, climate change, energy, youth, financial systems, international development, public healthcare, security, and state stabilization.

Zaid is known for his intellectual rigor and provocative spirit, warmth and good humour.

If you would like to book Zaid as a guest speaker or facilitator for a conference, event, or lab, please email info at social-labs.com 

Social Labs Revolution: Why putting a man on the moon won’t cure his diabetes – MaRS Global Leadership from MaRS Discovery District

A new approach to solving complex challenges – eCampaigning Forum

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