The Social Labs Toolkit


A lot of people ask us about toolkits and methodologies used in Social Labs. We often reply that methodologies don’t make a Lab – much like frying or baking doesn’t necessarily make a great meal.

However if you’re looking for tactics or approaches you can add to your toolbelt when you’re working on Social Labs, then this page is our starting place for you. We’re aiming to build out this section over time.


Systems Practice - The Omidyar Group

Systems Practice – The Omidyar Group


Generon Fieldbook
Image courtesy of Generon

Generon’s Fieldbook


Reos Change Lab
Image courtesy of Reos, JW McConnell Foundation

Reos Change Lab Fieldbook


The Social Labs Fieldbook Cover

Social Labs Fieldbook


Image courtesy of Hub
Image courtesy of Hub

Hub Hosting Handbook


DIY Toolkit - Nesta
Image Courtesy of Nesta & DIY Toolkit

Nesta DIY Toolkit


Frog Collective Action Toolkit
Image courtesy of Frog

Frog Design Collective Action Toolkit


Design Kit - Design Thinking Resource
Image courtesy of Design Kit

IDEO’s Human Centered Design Toolkit


Keywords Systems Change
Image courtesy of Keywords

Keywords – Building a language of systems change


Participatory Methods Toolkit
Image courtesy of Participatory Methods Toolkit

Participatory Methods Toolkit


Systems Change - What It Is and How To Do It
Image courtesy of NPC

Systems Change : What It Is & How To Do It


Power Boardgame - Facilitating Social Change - by The Carnegie Trust
image courtesy of The Carnegie Trust

Power : Facilitating Social Change


Collaboration Cafe
Image courtesy of Collaboration Cafe & Enspiral

Collaboration Cafe


Community Asset Mapping
Image courtesy of Community Research Lab

Community Research Lab Participatory Asset Mapping (PDF) & ABCD Toolkit (PDF)


Community Asset Mapping
Image courtesy of Brighter Futures Together

Community Asset Mapping Guide


Image courtesy of Collaboration For Impact
Image courtesy of Collaboration For Impact

Collective Impact – How To Guide


Theory U
Image courtesy of Theory U

Theory U


Mindlabs's Methods and Mindsets
image courtesy of Mindlab

Mindlab – Mindsets & Methods


Constellation Governance Guide
Image courtesy of Centre for Social Innovation

Constellation Governance


DIY Toolkit

Impact Toolkit (DIY by Nesta)


Community Development Toolkit

Community Development Toolkit


21 Toolkits for Open Innovation

21 Open Innovation Toolkits